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Indiana Football at Rutgers, Nov. 5 2016

Memories of Indiana University Persevere

Every year talented photographers document the happenings at school in a way the participants can't. Many of them end up in the IDS or Arbutus, but lots of images never see the light of day. This site will give all of us a motivation to shake the dust off our archives and connect you with photographic memories of IU.

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Varsity Sports
Heavy on men's basketball and football, but with depth into other varsity sports at IU.
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Campus Events
There was always something to photograph on campus or nearby, but fun events like Little 500 to breaking news.

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Coverage of the Indiana at Seton Hall game, Nov. 15, 2017

Indiana University has been a great place to learn the trade of photojournalism and fine art photography. For many years the Indiana Daily Student was one of only two paid circulation student newspapers in the country, and the Arbutus yearbook was led by photographers for many years. Both are still regularly recognized for excellence by various college journalism organizations. At the same time it is easily the smallest town in the Big Ten Conference so the local media scene isn't as developed as other conference towns making campus experience more vibrant. High profile sports and events on campus give students exposure to the profession without venturing far from campus. The School of Journalism, and now the School of Media, have had strong faculty for many years to instill a sense of professionalism in the students pursuing their passions. Students have at times been active contributors to the Associated Press photo report, and they are the easiest freelancer to find for an assignment in the region for media from around the world. 

The biggest challenge facing this project is the abundance of work that is trapped on film that needs to be digitized for easier presentation. Digital cameras have only been a practical option for professional photography since the early 2000's. We'll strive to involve photographers from the past 30-40 years and start the slow process of identifying what images might be available, so at the outset more recent work may be the easiest to find here.  

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